Flores is the new Bali

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Luckily, not quite: the traffic is not so crazy over here, people still consider Westerners to be unusual attractions and they like to take pictures of us and you can be sure that when you stop in a village you’ll be surrounded by all its inhabitants within few seconds. Happy ‘Hello Mister’ was accompanying me wherever I went and I […]

A little guide around Bali

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With my base camp in Ubud, a rented Scoopy motorbike and a 3G internet to locate myself, moving around Bali is easy. So, what’s worth seeing and what can you skip? Ubud and the surroundings I spent almost two weeks there, so can’t leave this town untouched. I liked strolling its streets in the mornings, […]

Pasola festival in Sumba

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I’ve heard of Pasola festival in Sumba being a pretty awesome and authentic experience for spectators and since all I am looking for in Indonesia is authenticity I wanted to go there. I planned to be in Sumba for a field trip to renewable energy sites with Hivos and luckily, the dates coincide with one of the Pasola […]

More Hindu temples!

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I didn’t plan to write another post on temples only, but as I’ve said, I like temples and I happened to visit few more and I’d though it might be helpful to share my impressions. My favourite temple is officially Pura Lempuyang Luhur as it is located in the beautiful mountainous region and the visit is basically […]

It’s all about temples

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I like temples, there is plenty of temples in Bali, so obviously, I like Bali. You might think, once I visit one, I’ve seen them all. How mistaken you are. Each temple is special, sure, they usually are built in a similar architecture, but they will be located in different areas. Some are surrounded by […]

Finding myself in Bali

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I settled down in Ubud, which is a laid back city an hour from Kuta, completely skipping Denpasar and Kuta as I had been reading that these cities are full of traffic, high prices for tourists and no Balinese authenticity. No regrets there so far, Ubud is a great mixture of culture, Hindu temples, yoga […]