Is anyone there?

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At times I wonder if someone reads my rambling about living and travelling abroad while I am trying to become qualified in energy development. Although writing helps me to keep memories in one place, I do want to know if there is someone out there reading this. If yes, who are you?

  • Are you one of my friends leading a normal life with a stable job in a Western country who want to know where I had ended up?
  • Are you  someone who found my blog in a random search and finds it interesting?
  • Or are you someone who clicked on my LinkedIn profile with the link to this website and wants to give me a job?

I would love to hear from you to hear your thoughts if what I am writing makes you read more or if it just clogs the virtual space. Is there something I can improve, change, do differently? Does anyone care except me?

This space can be a diary for myself, but I already have 3 other notebooks where I keep my thoughts. I thus wanted to create a space where I share experiences, hoping to inspire someone to go travel or work abroad, even if it does not make sense at the beginning.

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One thought on “Is anyone there?

  1. Hi Adriana,
    I fell across your blog while searching for info on alternative energy sources/projects in Indonesia. I live in Indonesia with my Sumatran husband and mixed teen-age son. We love to travel and have quite a bit in Southeast Asia over the past 25 odd years…less now with a child in high school. I so enjoy reading your posts about some of my favorite places on the planet and it brings me back to my own nomadic days as a 30-something-year old. I haven’t read everything you’ve written—but I will! North Myanmar is a place we are hoping to visit next year if we can get away for a few months. The best of discoveries to you on your road ahead!

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