How much beauty can you take in?

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As I’ve been travelling for almost a month – most of it solo – I’ve been thinking of the purpose in it for me quite a bit. I’ve realised I couldn’t be a nomad forever, I need a place I can call home and to which I can return knowing that there I have my friends, family, people who know me and surroundings I am familiar with.

I had moments when I thought I’ve seen it all! I’ve thought This beach/rice paddy/waterfall/forest/village is really beautiful, but I’ve seen it before. In those moments, I think, I had longed to share the beauty of what I am looking at with someone, who would make me appreciate it more. I am comfortable travelling on my own, but sometimes I just need a talk with fellow travellers.

I like the time when I decide to stay on one place for longer, I’ve done it in Ubud in Bali or Labuan Bajo and Moni in Flores. I enjoy living in a homestay where I know the stories of people staying there too, I prefer going to the same stall at the Night Market to get dinner where they know I don’t eat meat and I like randomly meeting people I know on the streets and asking them how their day was.

I think, balance is the key. I love exploring and seeing new things, but sometimes I just need to stay still for few moments.


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