Embracing the fear of unknown

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One of my earlier memories from my travelling around Myanmar is me, lying in the back of a truck, looking at passing pagodas of Bagan, wondering how can the sun be so orange and thinking that I am heading to the unknown again. It was a manifestation of my reality: now knowing when I get there […]

Cycle for your life

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I’ve used bicycle as my main transport pretty much everywhere I’ve lived: I cycled in Brooklyn after the hurricane Sandy hit, I used a bike in Scotland after I found one around the corner from my house with the sign ‘Free to good home’ (regardless the two flat tires that had to be fixed and […]

This ordinary Myanmar life

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Rolling down the hill on almost empty tank of petrol, passing three people on one motorbike and seeing how cows fight over a piece of cloth in a monastery I smile and welcome myself in Myanmar for the third time. Life in Myanmar can be challenging and it always takes me by surprise although knowing a bit […]

Roads untravelled in Zanskar Valley

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With my one-day preparation for this expedition I felt a bit respectful of what awaited us to get to Phuktal to electrify it: a day of cycling a 1,5 days of hiking to reach Phuktal monastery, working in the altitude of around 3700m and moving up and down 300 stairs, carved into the stone at the monastery’s precincts, […]

On Vulnerability

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I’m sitting on a beach, drawing a circle around me as to protect me, but with each wave part of my circle disappears so I draw the missing part again. Each wave also buries me deeper into the sand and somehow I feel steadier. There have been many times when I would build a wall around me as […]

Myanmar-Thailand overland border-crossing

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Foreigners rarely cross Myanmar-Thai border overland from Myanmar side and there is not enough posts on border-crossing, so, I’m going to make one here! To this date, four border checkpoints have been opened between Myanmar and Thailand: Myawaddy/Mae Sot (the most used one) Tachileik/Mae Sai (no idea about this one) Htee Kee/Phunaron-Phu Nam Ron (for Kanchanaburi) […]