Adriana is bringing light to the Himalayas

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With little less than a month, I’ve finally started my preparation for the expedition to the Indian Himalayas to  install a microgrid solar system in the Phuktal Monastery. Warm outdoor equipment is definitely not easy to come by in Southeast Asia (if you’re looking for some in Bangkok, the 2nd floor of Siam Paragon is your best shot, with Colombia, Merrell, Osprey and North Face), so I see myself buying the needed items in Ladakh last-minute. Risky, but I have no choice.

The people organising the Global Himalayan Expedition this year have put so much energy into the preparation and their e-mails help me a lot with the organisation. Although, I also feel I’m a bit behind, after I’d received an email, that they hope our Indian visa are already approved. The current status of my Indian visa is before-applicantion. But that should be fixed next week, after I get back to Myanmar and apply for the visa in Yangon. Fingers crossed.

I am also closing my fundraiser. Although I haven’t reached the goal of the $3000, I still consider it a success. Especially because I received money from people I’d never expect; messaging me that they are happy to support me in doing something so cool. And it is indeed cool and I am incredibly grateful for this chance. Thanks to all the support I had stayed determined to join the expedition despite of my struggles to provide funds to finance it.

So, for the next week, I have to organise shipping of my hiking boots to India, travel insurance, and, of course, the visa. Beside this, I have to start my training (again, I think I am already too late for that) and get myself ready for hiking and mountain biking in the altitude of 16 000 feet in the Himalayas.

Credit for the featured image: Global Himalayan Expedition

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